We believe mobile health data and technology can help everyone live a healthier, more active lifestyle. That is why we created CALM., a division of Eagle Matrix Consulting Co., Ltd. to bring wearable biosensors and groundbreaking health data analytics in an affordable package to everyone. Whether it’s sports, fitness or healthcare, CALM. will bring technology to inform and motivate our customers to reach their goals.


Yoshito Date
President & CEO

Yoshito is a entrepreneur, strategy and policy consultant, associate Professor at Keio University, and member of Triathlon team ALAPA.

Satoru Urakami
Service Designer

Satoru has worked on social innovation projects at a major consulting firm, and joins is with expertise integrating innovative services into social systems.

Steven Zhang
Product Engineer

Following stints at Google, NVIDIA, and Hitachi, Steven is a all-round engineering guru working on Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineering.

Madoka Takeuchi

Madoka has worked on clinical trial data analysis in Harvard affiliated hospitals, and gives biostatistics lectures at Keio University.

Team members

Sonomi Takatsuka
Sales Manager

Sonomi is a decorated top sales woman who specialise in promoting innovations from Japan.

Ikuko Tomomatsu
Public health

Ikuko is a Ph.D in Primary Care and Public Health, and guest lecturer at two universities.

Yu Yumoto
Medical and Fitness

Yu is Medical Doctor, Ph.D. and a 3 time XTERRA National Champion

Kamal Singh
Marketing and COmmunications

Kamal is a MBA whose specialty is marketing and research.

Tomoki Morikawa

Media and policy

Kazeto Fukasawa
Data Scientist

Time series data analysis

Shota Kawamoto
Data Scientist

Data visualization

Executive Mascot

VP of cute and cuddly