Accessories to fit your style

We understand that there is no one best way to use a wearable sensor. It depends on your body type, and activity. That is why we made CALM. with standard buttons, which can be used with our accessories, or any medical ECG electrode with 4mm buttons.

Reusable gel pads

The CALM. reusable pads are made of hydrogels that can be cleaned and reused up to 10 times albeit with decreasing adhesion. Its large sensing area makes it suitable for any activities. The pads are specially customized to work with CALM., and should fit most adults. The pads are designed to be attached below your sternum with the CALM. sensor sitting in the middle.

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Adjustable chest strap

If you are using CALM. regularly, or in a motion rich environment, the sports strap is the best choice as it offers great fit and ease of use. The flexible fabric strap can be adjusted to a perfect fit so that it does not fall off during training. The strap can be used repeatedly for every day training.

Strap adjustable range: 65cm ~ 95cm

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Disposable pads

The CALM. disposable pads are custom made to be the most comfortable way to take your heart signals. It is suitable for activities where there is no aggressive movements, such as yoga, sleep quality analysis, or training on your bike. The sensor element is a conductive Ag/AgCl gel which comfortably fits to your skin. The pads are specially customized to work with CALM., and should fit most adults. The pads can be attached below your left collar bone, across your heart or a number of alternative locations.

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Third Party Accessories

CALM. uses standard snap buttons, so it can be used with third party ECG electrodes which also use the 4mm snap buttons.

There are different sizes and materials available, so if you want to experiment beyond the standard accessories, look for electrodes at your medical, scientific, and sports supply retailers in your region.

We have tested with the Ambu Blue Sensors (available in the US. through Amazon) with good results.

There are also conductive wet gels which may improve signal quality if you have dry or hairy skin.