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CALM-M is the Class I Medical device variant of the CALM. Sensor. We provide CALM-M with software and cloud solutions for the Healthcare Industry. Solutions can be customized according to the needs of users and healthcare providers.

CALM-M Sensor

CALM-M is registered as a Class I Medical Device (Actigraph) In Japan under the PMDA. It shares most features with the original CALM. Wearable Sensor, with addition of management by Serial Number, Biocompatible materials, and stricter quality assurance process.

CALM-M is suitable for activity analysis, movement tracking, posture monitoring, sleep analysis, and sleep disorder screening.

CALM-M is manufactured by Findex Inc. and distributed by EMC Healthcare Co.,Ltd.

Feature Highlight

Accelerometer Sensor

  • 3 axis motion sensing for detecting Activity, Posture and Movement
  • 50 Samples per Second
  • +/- 4g range, 12 bit resolution


  • Single Lead ECG and heart rate sensing and R-R interval calculation
  • 250 Samples per Second
  • 12 bit resolution

Long Battery Life

  • 72 hours of continuous use
  • Low power standby, automatic wake up by tapping
  • Rechargeable battery

Easy to use

  • Compatible with iPhone, Android, or dedicated Gateway
  • No complicated buttons, simple operation
  • Magnetic charging cable


  • Product Name: CALM-M Actigraph
  • Category: Internal Organ Function Inspection Machines Type 21
  • Common Name: Actigraph
  • Medical Device Classification: Ordinary Medical Device (Class I)
  • Medical Device Registration ID: 38B2X10003000001
  • Accelerometer Sensor: 3 axis, +/- 4g, 50 Samples per Second, 12 bit resolution
  • Dimensions: 74 x 28 x 11 mm
  • Weight: 13 grams
  • Power Source: Rechargable Lithium Polymer Battery. DC 3.7V 200mAh
  • Input Power: DC 5V 0.1A
  • Communication: Bluetooth Low Energy GATT Profile
  • ECG*: 250 Samples per Second, 12 bit resolution with Heartrate calculation

*ECG and Heartrate Functions are not registered as a medical device feature.
*CALM-M should not be used as substitute for a medical ECG. The ECG and Heartrate data is given as a reference only, and should not be used to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Weather it is monitoring a patient’s recovery after surgery, or keeping an eye on the elderly, having real-time vital information can transform the way care is provided. The Remote patient monitoring solution offers a customizable platform for monitoring patients over the internet or intranet.

The system can be deployed in various places from hospital rooms, to the patient’s home. Customized alerts and analytics will help healthcare institutions provide a better quality of care with less effort.

Patient with Wearable Sensor

Movement and vital data is sensed from the patient, and transmitted automatically and wirelessly to the gateway device. The patient does not need to operate complicated smartphone or apps.

The gateway can send data over any existing internet connection, or a dedicated subscription.

Data Processed in the Cloud

The data is sent to the cloud for storage, management, and analysis. The cloud service can be configured to generate alerts on certain events such as removal of the sensor, or the patient waking up.

This can be installed in a private or public cloud according to the policy of the institution.

Information at a Glance

Carers can view the data in real time on their internet connected devices. They can also receive alerts on certain events, or review previously recorded data for further analysis.

Privacy and permission settings can be configured according to the requirement of the users, or the institute.

Sleep Disorder Screening

Sleep Disorders such as Sleep Apnea is a surprisingly common condition that causes restless sleep, leading to reduced productivity and even deadly accidents. It is difficult to diagnose as the symptoms occur while we are asleep.

CALM-M provides an affordable and comfortable screening method that can be done at home, allowing more people to become aware of their sleep quality before having to go to a sleep clinic for a full examination.

*Currently under development